May 21, 2017

So this is the day some of you have been waiting for, or at least have the good graces to make it seem like you have been.
Ink from the Pen can be purchased here: for  14.99. With shipping and taxes, that will be around $20. Given the way Amazon works, they will probably drop the the price to increase sales, but only if looks like its gathering momentum. I’ll also probably put it on sale latter on, because I only have so many people who know me as a writer, and nudging the price down will entice strangers. World of mouth is also essential, so if you buy it I ask for two things:  that you consider reposting the link on your timelines; and 2)  revisiting Amazon after you read it and leaving a review as a verified purchaser. (Avoid mentioning that you know know me, though).  And then post that review on your page also, or on twitter. If you write actual reviews for a blog or any other organ, obviously I’d be delighted for you to review it. and if you only like to read hard copies, let me know and I’ll send you one. Also, I’m going to be joining Good Reads, and that’s used by tons of readers.

Finally, isn’t this a good website name?  Ink from the  was taken but this is even better because it tells you in four words what the  about. If you have 1 minute to pitch it in an elevator to some big producer with Netflix, that’s the pitch.  I dare say the men of color and working class actors in general  are dying to sink their teeth into a show with luscious characters like Jack Hammer, Thumper, Chainsaw, Loco and Jimmy. Don’t take my word for it — read for yourself.

MCO 2017