My “inter-review” with Shakespeare

The future was oddly more like I imagined than I imagined it would be. But clearly, one thing never changes: reviewers are forever! And since everybody hates a critic, I am not going to find fault in your lovely book, (which I must study anon and anon, as it is written in such a strange language.) Instead I shall point to Sonnet 65, in which you will find references to gaol, (gates of steel) memoir, (time’s chest, meditation) and ink (writing) that produces beauty. Conclude what you may. from this.  — William Shakespeare

When rocks impregnable are not so stout,
Nor gates of steel so strong, but Time decays?
O fearful meditation! where, alack,
Shall Time's best jewel from Time's chest lie hid?
Or what strong hand can hold his swift foot back?
Or who his spoil of beauty can forbid?
   O, none, unless this miracle have might,
   That in black ink my love may still shine bright.