Tennessee Williams Weighs In

Yes, I read Mr. Olmsted’s book. I was frankly intrigued
by his name because I am quite sure we are third cousins once removed via a fine old family in Savannah with at least one very eccentric and slightly unhinged matriarch, Emilyeen d’Araigmée Chabal.
As for Ink from the Pen, how could I not like all of the homoerotic but platonic relationships he had with Thumper, Jimmy, Drifter, and even Chainsaw, frankly?
And that broken down prostitute tranny – whatever you call them in 2017 — Lynn, aka Melvin. Oh my, I want to use her in my new play: Decadence and Regret.
So yes, do buy this book. Now you must excuse me. I must drink and write.
Bourbon I think.